1. cumragdoll:

    bearing gifts…

    So I am sipping wine tonight, and I am seriously in the mood to please. I would really like to  leisurely suck someone’s cock tonight. I mean it feels like one of those nights where if I had my way cock would be played all night. Suck and lick until my jaw hurts then rest and then back to it  all night long. 

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  2. I like to think I am good and eager and I have made few lucky guys make a few faces. And yet,  I am not sure if they have made that face. I guess I am too focused at he task at hand (or lips, heh)  So I know a few lucky guys are on tumblr. Have I inspired such a reaction?

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  3. artisticseductions:

    Party for two?


    That looks like a fantastic party. I would totally enjoy this party. Can I please join in on the party still thinking it could be a fun party for three

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  4. handsomeandhorny:

    Have you ever fantasize about being blindfolded and fucked by a complete stranger? 

    Yes YES  YES. Though I think it would be even better if I was blindfolded and made to think I was being fucked by complete stranger. 

    I need a guy who understands all of my crazy scary desires. What turns me on frightens me. I want to fulfill them all but I  know many are dangerous. I just want a creative man to come with ways to make them happen safely. I need to find someone I trust implicitly.

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  5. lenswalker:

    The porn versus of frozen….has less singing


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  6. artsfantasia:

    Snow White by “sakimichan”

    A World of Fantasy)

    Reasons so many reasons

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  7. my-drippingwetpussay:



    Lmao yes :P

    All the time seriously

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  8. yourbadgrrl:


    No matter how you dress yourself up or what airs you put on; no matter how you control your body or hide your past; no matter how icy and aloof and self-possessed you may seem, I know the truth. Where you started. What you were. What you are.


    Needy, greedy, desperate little grinder, ever since you were young, maybe since before you can remember. Squirming around trying to figure out what your body wanted: curl up and clench, sweaty forehead and sore knees in the darkness of your room. Never let your hand creep down there, or couldn’t figure out what to do with it if you did. And then you tried shoving the big soft lump down between your legs, and squeezing. And oh.

    Did you ever get caught? Not more than once, I bet. Some things you learn to hide quickly. But you’ve always had a hungry body, and you never could quite rein it in. Sneaking off whenever you could manage it, calculating how long it would be until you’d get to try again. Your mind wandered in school and church and family outings. Couldn’t help that. Your pussy kept leading it astray.

    This is what I mean when I call you “little girl,” little girl. You haven’t really changed at all. You’re the same wet flushed sullen frantic humping pillowfucker you’ve been your whole life, and all the roles and rules and pretty words you use are just attempts to conceal it.

    They don’t work. You’ve been caught a second time, and there’s no playing it off or hasty excuses, not with me. I can see what’s inside of you, little bouncer, little secret keeper, little burning ember. No point in hiding anymore.

    Now show me what you can do.


    Oh.. no.. caught again

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  9. fortheluvofdoms:


    D/s during trying times.

    This would be wonderful right now. Add: Make she she gets out of bed. Make sure she showers and brushes her teeth…. because sometimes no matter how strong people think I am, i can always use a little help.

    Love this for so many reasons  I know I need to find someone who knows me that well.  Who cares that much. One day.


  10. I have a theory


    A blowjob a day will extend the man’s life 15 years and extend the woman’s 25 years. How do I go about getting grant money so I can test this theory?

    I volunteer my mouth. FOR SCIENCE

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  11. masterofcunts:

    If you can so this, then you must prove it.

    I have been known to do this very frequently. Might be doing it right not. I prove it in person and I think I have already posted a few pictures of this.

  12. dominantstateofmind:

    Energy and Choice in a D/s Relationship

       1  It continues with a series of deliberate choices

       2  The ability to choose is what makes it sacred.  

         “I am Lord Master Sir Dom Alpha Sadistic Male of the Fucking Universe, bow down and submit to me” – said no true Dominant ever.  What would be the reaction of a strong, independent, sane submissive woman?  Perhaps I’m guessing, but I HOPE the answer would be along the lines of “Get away from me you fucking weak jerk asshole pretender, and take your limp cape and flapping dick along with you”.   My words are less than poetic, but they make the point.  No self-respecting submissive would bow to this, and no honorable Dom would resort to this.  The relationship between a submissive and a Dominant begins with energy.  It may not be but a spark at first, but it is energy.   At a deep level there is an intuitive attraction.  I suppose it could be similar to how one falls in love.  Sometimes you just know this is ONLY going to be friends.. but sometimes.. with a bit of conversation.. you know it COULD be more.  Every good D/s relationship begins with conversation and I believe a good amount of it.   It may be subtle, or it may be mind blowing, but conversation is essential.  Case in point:  Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara-not an immediate submission but the energy was palpable.   Lots of conversation and tension before any real understanding of their mutual kinks was understood.  (Who among us doesn’t believe THAT was a real kinky couple?).

           Seriously, there does have to be energy- but not just energy.  I have debated this point because I don’t believe “energy” is all there is to it.  Some submissives I have had the honor to discuss this with have a sense that one overpowering Dominant will someday arrive and by sheer presence drive them to their knees.  I believe this is possible- for a scene, for a night, for a weekend, perhaps longer – but not for an enduring real time 24/7 relationship.  At some point the submissive has to remove her makeup, the Dom will undoubtedly reveal his kryptonite and the whole relationship founded on “energy” will face a crisis point.  I don’t write this lightly.  I am a devotee to energy.  I am, however, mature enough to know that even God has his moments when his followers convert on energy but  fade on reality.   As a Dom, and a responsible one, I know that moment is coming.  No matter how magical and profound the energy, or how quickly she adoringly goes face down and ass up… at some point I will be just a naked man and she will be just a naked woman, one of us will fart, and all the energy in the world won’t bridge that point without us making a choice – a decision.  Every enduring relationship between intelligent sane consensual adults-at some point- becomes a matter of decision more than a matter of energy.  Again, case in point, in spite of ALL the energy, Rhett finally does decide enough is enough.  Scarlett refuses to submit, and the southern Dom decides – in spite of energy- that frankly, he doesn’t give a damn. 

        I think that moment of decision is crucial.  It is for Rhett and Scarlett, and it is for all of us who ache for a long term D/s relationship.    We will all face that moment when Dominance is not automatic or romantic.. or even fun.. but it is a responsibility to which we have committed ourselves.  Will we fight-when “energy” fades – to honorably to find the way forward?  Will the submissive choose when she is tired and uninspired to be honorably obedient?  It is a moment by moment decision.  It is not easy.  It requires a LOAD of communication and trust and respect- and patience and forgiveness.  NO ONE said D/s was the easy way, only… properly done… the most rewarding. 

        I know, as a Dominant, that I crave and flood with joy and pride in that moment when a submissive woman kneels and offers her surrender to me in that first blush of power.  I also know that the more important and sublime moments are each moment after that… every moment in the “real” life when she chooses to submit to a Dominant who has, by time and wear, become more “real”.   It is the moment by moment choice of surrender that is most important to a Dominant.  I only hope that she understands that my moment by moment choice to accept her submission is also a more precious gift than that first powerful rush of energy when I accepted her.    Energy is crucial, of course, to any power exchange relationship.  Energy is a beginning, but what sustains the power exchange is a moment by moment decision.   Those self-aware moments of decision are what make this lifestyle safe, sane and consensual.  Those decisions that follow the energy are what move fetish toward something more sacred.  They move D/s toward love.

    Play hard and love well,


    cc. Dominant State of Mind

    credit for photograph unknown.

    no further comment needed

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  13. bjornwilde:


    Labyrinth (1986)

    One of the most important things I’ve ever learned.

    fuck I want that goblin king

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  14. dirtydisneyconfessions:

    "Sometimes I stick my dildo in the freezer and leave it in overnight, then I start playing Frozen so I can hear Elsa’s voice, and I just shove it in. I just shove it in. The cold never bothered me anyway."

    this sounds like it could be fun. I also think I would SING so loud with something so cold

  15. humiliationcunt:

    for 95% of the girls this comes naturally

    I have been told all my life that I am super smart. I am the smartest one in my family, I am the smartest one in my class… etc. but I never had motivation. I was lazy with my studies but being naturally smart I did well. very very well. but I don’t think I wanted to be smart. By being smart makes my head hurt more than anything it becomes the source of most of my fears and anxieties etc. I need to dumb down. I need to get out of my head and focus on my body and making me more shallow and beauty focused.

    I will take any help with this.

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