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    Tim Burton Inspired Pokemon Drawing by Vaughn Pinpin (More Images)

    Sorry reasons…. so many reasons

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  2. Reasons… plus I think I’ve said this to many a person…. you know who you are. At least two or three I’ve relinquish my claim officially. At least one might still be mine

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  3. Reasons

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    1. me: i need to sleep
    2. me: *masturbates*
  4. allaboutttheforeplay:

    Hold still Baby Girl let Daddy play with you!

    I am not good with this…. I am way too twitchy

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  5. saythankyoumaster:

    Peer pressure.

    I’m no fool I don’t give in to peer pressure. We shall do both!

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  6. wolfslilkitten:

    Please Sir?


    This is how I wish I was spending my night waiting on knees and presenting the rope until we play

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  7. gaggedandtied:

    Me all the time.

  8. Back to the red lip. figured I would try to kiss my tits since no one else is here to do that. I am thinking about putting some interesting lip sticks on my amazon wish list. I would do this type of photo shoot again. I would also wear whatever ridiculous color chosen for a whole day out and about with photographic evidence. Would Anyone enjoy that?

  9. Brownish tint lip gloss. I miss having fun lip colors stuff. I think I need a black lip stick and purple again. I am willing to try other colors as well. Any other ideas?

  10. Slightly redder. My go to for body writing. It is suppose to have some sort of pheromones to  attract people or something like that. Has never seemed to work. Seriously why is it that I never get to make out with anyone when I try to look pretty I only seem  to get attention when I am slightly grody . Why is that? 


  11. goodnight tumblr. I know I have some responses to write I will try to write tomorrow. I am falling asleep at my keyboard. thought i wish i could figure out a way to have these images from my dashboard run through my dreams

  12. Light Pink Lip stain. hmmm I think I like it.

  13. I am actually horrible at begging. I am not sure how to get better at it…. hmmm.  Please please I need something between my lips.

    Hmmm even I realize that’s bad. Any suggestions?

  14. diaryofasexcrazedbbw:

    This is what handcuffs were actually designed for.

    I don’t know what happened to my handcuffs but i cant find them. I feel like everyone should have a pair ready. This I think I need to make a priority. Unless someone wants to lend me theirs. perhaps  frequently? I would be very grateful and happy show that appreciation…..

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