1. deviantlyinnocent:


    Naughty Lil’ Red & Her Protective Wolf

    DaDDdY is very protective of His kitten


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  2. submissivefeminist:

    I would honestly love this if it was as cozy as it looks.

    Starting around college I slept with what was pretty much a black cage around my head.  I only recently have stopped since I got myself a bigger bed. While I enjoy my new bed. I sometimes feel like something is missing. I kinda miss the confined feeling. There is a sense of security there. I would be definitely interested in  a cage if it was as cozy as that. I would eagerly put in my tail crawl in and curl up.

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  3. bimboz:

    This made me think of you. 

    It makes me think of me too :)

    It has been way too long since I have been led around by a leash. It has always only been very traditional leashes. I think I like these new models. Anyone want to lead me with one of these? I am sure my cheeks al of them would be a bright crimson. I would also be squirming a lot. So I may need to a little discipline to be brought to heel.

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  4. mentormedaddy:



    I can’t believe this is my life now, that I’m the girl lucky enough to be Daddy’s little princess :D I am so proud to be your possession Daddy x

    I just wish that this was my daily routine. I mean this would be about par with my drive, but I have yet to have someone in my life who is equal in the want and need I crave. Perhaps one day I will find someone.

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  5. punishthewhore:

    After speaking to some followers and getting messages I’m officially launching #amsterdamfree. This is a contest to win an all expense paid trip to Amsterdam to meet me. Travel and accomodation are paid by me. I will be there at the end of June for a week. Rules are simple. Reblog to enter….

  6. bdsmgeek:


    Spot the Rope Slut….  


    This made me way tooo happy and smiley not to post
  7. firmmaster:

    You like it when I choke you, don’t you?

    yes yes yes yes yes yes….. Did I say it enough. Although right now I think I am having some serious trust issues I think. I crave to have that trust again,  to allow someone to take my neck. Give all my vulnerability be completely open, but right now I am not sure when I will be ready to do this again. 

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  8. feministfuckdolltrainer:

    Good girls know they need to be led.

    I know I need to be led, it has been a while since I actually got to use my leash and collar I miss it. Though honestly right now I don’t think there is anyone around I feel like I can trust them to lead me. I feel a little lost adrift even. Maybe one day.

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  9. lokisqueenbee:

    *wink wink*

    YES REASONS…. also but only if we both get to wear the chains at different points in the night.

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  10. Is it bad I look at this and the first thing I think is Winter Soldier because of the mask. Giggles. I think I would like this version. But is She another soldier or is bucky just having some fun?

    Hail Hydra

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  11. please

    Seriously people I need a book to read on my multiple flights tomorrow. Any suggestions?

    Edit: I might be willing to trade or beg for suggestions


  12. serious question

    I am looking to add some books to my nook and I have received some suggestions on books here before. I already have gor on my list. I will not put 50 shades. I’ve alrady read beauty series. There was one suggestion that I think was a manual but I can’t remember what it was called. So what are your suggestions?


  13. wet-andhornyasfuck:

    Someone needs to come and spank me (you know who you are)

    looking at you….. you know who

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  15. secret-desires69:


    I’ve been bad, please describe how you’d discipline me. Please, Sir.

    You’ve read my blog. You know how I administer a spanking. I have big hands, I am not a fan of instruments, paddles, crops, I am very tactile. I strive for the personal touch. Flesh on flesh. I grab. I squeeze. I pry you open. I would love nothing more than to make you red.

    My fingers also wander. Does the very thought excite you? Do you want to feel me disciplining you? I’m sure you will more than deserve it. Won’t you? I’m sure you crave it. Don’t you?

    If you enjoy being punished that much, I’m sure we’d ensure you got what you wanted. Do you resist being disciplined? I enjoy having to take you, to physically take you over my knee. 

    If you get wetter, and wetter I might never stop. But you can be assured, I will sample you. My fingers will explore, both your cunt and your clit. I will finger you. I will taste you, and make you taste yourself. My cock grows hard just thinking about it. But I won’t stop with teasing your pussy. I will reach down further and extend my finger up and down your pussy lips. Teasing your clit with every stroke. Sliding back down and inserting into your cunt again. Do you prefer I work your clit or your g-spot? Which orgasms are stronger for you?

    I’m sorry, did you think me asking that would insinuate permission to cum? Oh, no.. I will bring you to the edge. When you feel it, you will ask for permission. I will deny. And then I will spank again, catching you off guard? Oh, yes, I want to hear you yell. I want to hear you protest. I want your hands to flail and try to protect yourself. I want to hear all the inappropriate things you have to say. Feel free to curse me. The dirtier the better. The cycle will begin again. My finger back inside your wet pussy again.

    I am evil, you will find, because I will not let you cum on my fingers alone. You will beg me to stop, to lay you down on your back and use my tongue. You will only achieve release with my mouth. I will lick you, suck your clit, slide my finger inside you and pleasure both your clit and g-spot at the same time. Yes Kitten.. now.

    You can cum for me now… Let me taste you as you cum.

    I want to know how wet you are. Are you wet enough for me to fuck you? I will push you down on your bed right now and fuck you from behind. I will growl in your ear. Tell you how you’ve upset me. How you’re a bad bad girl. How I will need to continue spanking you, while I fuck you.

    As I said, I am very tactile. I love things in my hand. Your hair, your neck, your throat.. I love to grab your hair, right at your scalp. Grip it, so I can pull you or push you as I choose. If I want to push your face down into a pillow or mattress. Pull so your mouth opens, your neck exposes, your head arches back. I will lean forward so you can stare back into my eye as I fill you. As I fuck you.

    Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about your ass. I will continue to slap you. I want to hear your profanities. I want to hear you scream.. I want to hear you cry. I want to see the tears stream down your face. Will you find it easy now to tell me to fuck off?

    Looking down as my cock slides in and out of your pussy, I love watching as I fill you with my cock. But I know you’re angry with me, and angry sex is passion. I want you to mark me. I want to feel your nails on my back as I fuck you. Your teeth on my neck My teeth on your neck, your shoulders, your nipples, your inner thighs.. I will bite and mark you as I see fit.

    I want to feel your pussy contract and soak my cock as I am inside you.. I’m sure feeling you cum, will make me cum as well. If you want to taste me, I will oblige, pulling out and fucking your mouth as I shoot my warm sticky load into your mouth..

    We collapse exhausted, and I whisper what a good girl you are as we embrace and kiss..

    Oh My…..yes please💋

    oh  sweet  lord…… I just….. I can’t….. its just….. I think reading this broke me

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