1. Proud to be a baby bat. and I want them all.

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  2. deviantlyinnocent:


    Naughty Lil’ Red & Her Protective Wolf

    DaDDdY is very protective of His kitten


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  3. submissivefeminist:

    I would honestly love this if it was as cozy as it looks.

    Starting around college I slept with what was pretty much a black cage around my head.  I only recently have stopped since I got myself a bigger bed. While I enjoy my new bed. I sometimes feel like something is missing. I kinda miss the confined feeling. There is a sense of security there. I would be definitely interested in  a cage if it was as cozy as that. I would eagerly put in my tail crawl in and curl up.

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  4. bimboz:

    This made me think of you. 

    It makes me think of me too :)

    It has been way too long since I have been led around by a leash. It has always only been very traditional leashes. I think I like these new models. Anyone want to lead me with one of these? I am sure my cheeks al of them would be a bright crimson. I would also be squirming a lot. So I may need to a little discipline to be brought to heel.

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  5. mentormedaddy:



    I can’t believe this is my life now, that I’m the girl lucky enough to be Daddy’s little princess :D I am so proud to be your possession Daddy x

    I just wish that this was my daily routine. I mean this would be about par with my drive, but I have yet to have someone in my life who is equal in the want and need I crave. Perhaps one day I will find someone.

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  6. punishthewhore:

    After speaking to some followers and getting messages I’m officially launching #amsterdamfree. This is a contest to win an all expense paid trip to Amsterdam to meet me. Travel and accomodation are paid by me. I will be there at the end of June for a week. Rules are simple. Reblog to enter….

  7. bdsmgeek:


    Spot the Rope Slut….  


    This made me way tooo happy and smiley not to post
  8. firmmaster:

    You like it when I choke you, don’t you?

    yes yes yes yes yes yes….. Did I say it enough. Although right now I think I am having some serious trust issues I think. I crave to have that trust again,  to allow someone to take my neck. Give all my vulnerability be completely open, but right now I am not sure when I will be ready to do this again. 

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  9. feministfuckdolltrainer:

    Good girls know they need to be led.

    I know I need to be led, it has been a while since I actually got to use my leash and collar I miss it. Though honestly right now I don’t think there is anyone around I feel like I can trust them to lead me. I feel a little lost adrift even. Maybe one day.

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  10. lokisqueenbee:

    *wink wink*

    YES REASONS…. also but only if we both get to wear the chains at different points in the night.

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  11. Is it bad I look at this and the first thing I think is Winter Soldier because of the mask. Giggles. I think I would like this version. But is She another soldier or is bucky just having some fun?

    Hail Hydra

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  12. please

    Seriously people I need a book to read on my multiple flights tomorrow. Any suggestions?

    Edit: I might be willing to trade or beg for suggestions


  13. serious question

    I am looking to add some books to my nook and I have received some suggestions on books here before. I already have gor on my list. I will not put 50 shades. I’ve alrady read beauty series. There was one suggestion that I think was a manual but I can’t remember what it was called. So what are your suggestions?


  14. wet-andhornyasfuck:

    Someone needs to come and spank me (you know who you are)

    looking at you….. you know who

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