1. Back to the red lip. figured I would try to kiss my tits since no one else is here to do that. I am thinking about putting some interesting lip sticks on my amazon wish list. I would do this type of photo shoot again. I would also wear whatever ridiculous color chosen for a whole day out and about with photographic evidence. Would Anyone enjoy that?

  2. Brownish tint lip gloss. I miss having fun lip colors stuff. I think I need a black lip stick and purple again. I am willing to try other colors as well. Any other ideas?

  3. Slightly redder. My go to for body writing. It is suppose to have some sort of pheromones to  attract people or something like that. Has never seemed to work. Seriously why is it that I never get to make out with anyone when I try to look pretty I only seem  to get attention when I am slightly grody . Why is that? 


  4. goodnight tumblr. I know I have some responses to write I will try to write tomorrow. I am falling asleep at my keyboard. thought i wish i could figure out a way to have these images from my dashboard run through my dreams

  5. Light Pink Lip stain. hmmm I think I like it.

  6. I am actually horrible at begging. I am not sure how to get better at it…. hmmm.  Please please I need something between my lips.

    Hmmm even I realize that’s bad. Any suggestions?

  7. diaryofasexcrazedbbw:

    This is what handcuffs were actually designed for.

    I don’t know what happened to my handcuffs but i cant find them. I feel like everyone should have a pair ready. This I think I need to make a priority. Unless someone wants to lend me theirs. perhaps  frequently? I would be very grateful and happy show that appreciation…..

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  8. A study of lips… Part one. I really need something between my lips. Please…. Who will help?

  9. Pretty bra and no one here to appreciate it.

  10. adenofdevils:

    It might be time to think about separate cages…

    I would love some playmates right now. Can I visit someone else’s cage until I get my own?

  11. I want something right here. anyone willing to oblige and near by?

  12. Drinking hard cider and bored means taking random pictures all night. Prepare for the lip spam. 

    this also may be a picture of me trying to deep throat a bottle. heh.

  13. I want to get in a real pillow fight. I did participate in the world pillow fight day one year . But that isn’t the kind of pillows I mean this time. I want to have a half naked fight. I will have two natural pillows

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  14. Very true. I have yet to have a time to truly push me to a limit. I would like to cry, I think.

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  15. cupcakemystik:



    Surprise piercings!

    I think I have made up my mind that I do really want piercings. Now I know I will be terrified. So I now need to decide do I wait until I have proper dom to walk me through it or go now so its healing time does not  interfere with playtime with said dom. But do I really have the strength to do this on my own. Also do I wait until I reach my weight goals? Do I wait until I get augmentation I have thought about getting? I dunno.  Any advice?

    do it for yourself. make it (and other things!) a reward for a partial goal. like “after i loose the next 10lbs i can have blank. minor gifts for 5 lbs something bigger for 10 something super awesome for your over all goal half way point and like a fuckin party for your goal- its easier and more accomplishable that way. so it will feel less unobtainable. maybe you can do them one at a time? that way you don’t have both tits in pain and healing to worry about? or y’know “go big or go home” as you say =) good luck pumpkin!!

    Thanks! I actually have thought about trying to set up some rewards  system. I need to sit down and  make a list so I can have something to look forward too. I just never got around to it.  I really need to be good enough to myself. To make time to be healthier and happier.